Man kills and decapitates his newlywed wife

According to Houston’s Fox station, shocking video footage shows a man who just decapitated his wife calmly strolling into the store where she worked, stealing a beer, and then chugging it outside.

Soon after police attended the gruesome scene Wednesday, 21-year-old Jared Dicus confessed to killing Anggy Diaz. Anggy was his wife of less than four months.

According to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, Anggy Diaz’s mutilated body was discovered near Magnolia, northwest of Houston. Police discovered that her head was detached from the rest of her body.

The video footage taken at the Chepes meat market where Anggy worked shows Dicus’ car arriving around 11:40am. He can be seen grabbing a beer from the fridge, walking past the counter, exiting the store, and drinking in the parking lot while wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

On the property, investigators found both Diaz’s head and a knife, which was presumed to be the murder weapon.

It was reported by a friend of the victim that Diaz had confided that her new husband was the jealous type.

The anonymous friend stated, “he posted a video saying, ‘She is mine,’ to social media, and it was weird because no one was questioning that….it was out of no where.”

As a Nicaraguan immigrant, Diaz worked at a Hispanic store-restaurant and became a fitness coach only recently.