Man killed while chasing his escaped dogs on highway

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A horrifying event unfolded on a bustling highway in San Antonio, Texas, as a man met a fatal ending while pursuing his escaped dogs. The unfortunate occurrence transpired approximately at 10 p.m. on Sunday, April 7, on Dietrich Road near Interstate 10, reports the San Antonio police.

As the man, understood to be in his 30s, was operating his RV, he was forced to pull over due to a mechanical malfunction. During this instance, his two dogs bolted from the vehicle, thereby pushing him to chase after them down the busy thoroughfare.

The man had successfully caught one of his dogs when he was struck by a commercial propane truck driving along the road. The truck driver did halt to extend aid, yet it was in vain as the man was declared dead at the accident site.

The dog the man managed to catch sustained significant injuries in the accident. The other dog remained uninjured, according to the police.

Local media showcased unsettling images from the scene, including the RV, a lone shoe on the road, and animal welfare personnel from the City Of San Antonio Animal Care Services escorting one of the dogs out of the area.

While the man’s identity is not disclosed, the American Kennel Club offers advice to dog owners. The Club strongly recommends against chasing loose dogs, primarily to avoid creating panic in dogs and endangering their safety.