Man Goes On Stabbing Spree Killing Woman And 5-Year-Old Child While Prepping Dinner

Child, woman killed, others injured in mass stabbing in Stewartstown, York County – WGAL Susquehanna Valley Pa.

A 5-year-old child and a woman were killed, and two other people were injured in a mass stabbing at a home in York County. The suspect was identified as Keith Kretzer, 32.

Police said Kretzer stabbed his girlfriend, Christine Fousek, and her daughter, Jacqueline Fousek, then went upstairs and stabbed Joseph Fousek, before running out of the house. He faces two counts of criminal homicide and two counts of criminal attempted homicide.

Emergency responders found four victims when they arrived at the scene of the home invasion. Fousek and her daughter Rylee were pronounced dead at the scene, and Jacqueline Fousek, 63, and Joseph Fousek, 28, were treated on scene and transported to a local hospital for serious injuries sustained.

Investigators said Kretzer told them something took control of him and made him get a knife, and that he then went upstairs and stabbed Jacqueline Fousek and Joseph Fousek.

Police interviewed Joseph Fousek at a hospital. He said Kretzer barged into his bedroom and began stabbing him with a large knife, according to the criminal complaint. Kretzer told investigators he “snapped out of it” while fighting the 28-year-old man and “went and killed people”, according to the affidavit.

The motive of the killings is currently unknown and still under investigation.

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