Man attacks grocery store with machetes

LANCASTER, CA – Disturbing footage from a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officer’s body camera revealed the fatal confrontation between law enforcement and a double machete-wielding man last month in Lancaster.

The incident unfolded when Jonathan Scott Foster, 38, forcefully entered a gas station located in the 42700 block of 20th Street West by smashing the glass front door. Security cameras inside the establishment confirmed that Foster had attacked a staff member with one of his machetes. Although the employee sustained a severe cut to her hand, her injury was deemed non-life-threatening.

Law enforcement encountered Foster shortly afterward at a nearby Albertsons supermarket following a distress call about a man brandishing a machete inside the store. On confronting Foster, deputies discovered he was wielding a second machete. Despite attempts by the authorities to de-escalate the situation, Foster was unresponsive and continued to clutch his machetes as he retreated deeper into the supermarket.

Following him into the store, deputies tried to subdue Foster using tasers and less-lethal foam rounds, both of which proved ineffective. Foster was unfazed even after being hit by another taser round and ended up charging at the deputies. Responding to the immediate threat, several deputies opened fire on him.

They immediately rendered emergency assistance to the injured Foster until he could be transported to the hospital by City of LA Fire Department paramedics. However, Foster subsequently died from his wounds at the hospital.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that each machete Foster wielded was approximately 24 inches in length. An independent review of the shooting incident will be conducted by investigators from the LA County District Attorney’s office.