Man arrested allegedly murdered his girlfriend over money he owed her

After 18 years, authorities have finally apprehended the suspect behind the death of Megan McDonald, a young student and daughter of a NYPD detective.

On Thursday, Edward V. Holley, 42, was apprehended and charged with the 2003 murder of Megan McDonald. Holley had been imprisoned since 2021 for an unrelated drug charge.

The felony complaint filed in Orange County reveals that Holley is accused of causing McDonald’s death by hitting her multiple times in the head with a blunt instrument. This happened during an argument between the two, who had once had a romantic relationship.

The document also reveals Holley owed McDonald a significant amount of money, contributing to the hostility between the two leading up to the tragic event.

Witnesses saw Holley’s purple Honda Civic the morning of her death and her vehicle was found at the Kensington Manor Apartment Complex parking lot in Wallkill, New York, two days later. On examination, it was determined that the cause of her death was repeat blunt-force trauma to the head. McDonald had been in college and worked as a waitress to pay her tuition.

New York State Police Lt. Brad Natalizio, the same age as the victim, who worked for NYPD in 2006 and helped lead the investigation, thanked the various law enforcement agencies and McDonald’s family for their effort in helping to track down the killer.

It’s a bittersweet and emotional moment for all involved, bringing some closure for all parties after such a devastating tragedy.