Man arrested after random assaults on elderly people

CAMPBELL, CA – A man accused of randomly assaulting two elderly individuals in separate incidents and posing for a photo after one of the attacks was taken into custody on Saturday, authorities reported.

Nicholas Hostetler, 25, was linked to the assaults on elderly men in Campbell earlier this month, according to the Campbell Police Department. The first incident occurred on May 4 when Hostetler allegedly punched a man on San Tomas Aquino Road before fleeing the scene.

In a bizarre twist, Hostetler paused to pose for a photo on the sidewalk as the victim, hoping to identify his attacker, snapped a picture. The police later circulated this image on social media, seeking public assistance in identifying the suspect.

The second unprovoked attack took place on Friday morning while a 75-year-old man was out for a walk in Campbell. Hostetler allegedly struck the man in the face near Inwood Drive and Elam Avenue. When the elderly man and his family returned to the area shortly afterward to search for surveillance footage, they encountered Hostetler again. Hostetler then attempted to confront the family before leaving the vicinity.

Authorities arrested Hostetler without incident on Saturday after contacting his parents. With their cooperation, Hostetler exited his home and was taken into custody.

While being booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on two counts of elder abuse, Hostetler allegedly kicked an officer, leading to an additional charge of battery on an officer. The Campbell Police Department expressed gratitude to the community for their assistance in the investigation and assured that they are diligently pursuing the case.