Man arrested after fatal shooting and police standoff in Florida

TAMPA, FL – Florida law enforcement apprehended a man with a violent history on Wednesday, following an episode that resulted in a woman’s death, injuries to two others, and shots fired at police officers.

Responding to a call about gunfire at a Tampa residence, police officers found themselves in a dangerous situation as Michael Banks, 42, allegedly began shooting at them. The officers managed to subdue Banks without any injuries, according to statements from Police Chief Lee Bercaw and Hillsborough State Attorney Suzy Lopez.

Upon securing the scene, officers discovered a deceased woman inside the house. Prosecutors later revealed that Banks had overheard his mother and another woman discussing his eviction from the house after they discovered his inappropriate advances towards his own teenage daughter.

In a fit of rage, Banks reportedly shot and killed a woman in the house, grazed his mother’s head with a bullet, and shot his daughter through a bathroom door. It was also revealed that Banks had penned a letter to his daughter, asking her to be in a relationship with him and no one else.

Banks, previously convicted in 2007 for assaulting a pregnant woman, is now facing charges of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree attempted murder, attempted murder of a law enforcement official, and illegal firearm possession as a felon. He is currently being held without bond.