Landlord Allegedly Murdered And Dismembered Tenants Before Stuffing Them In Suitcases

According to a jury in Washington state, a landlord stuffed the bodies of two tenants into suitcases and killed them. Jessica Lewis and her boyfriend Austin Wenne were murdered by Michael Dudley, 64.

The couple’s bodies were discovered inside suitcases on Alki Beach in Seattle in 2020, with prosecutors arguing that the landlord’s cell phone data placed him near the beach just one day before the gruesome discovery.

While there were no eyewitnesses to directly link Dudley to the murders, the prosecution relied on evidence they argued proved his guilt, including the fact that Lewis stopped sending texts the night of the alleged shooting, as well as the fact that the neighbor heard gunshots and a man begging for his life that night.

The police arrived at the home, but Dudley didn’t answer the door, and no one was found inside.

Before Lewis and Wenne were mutilated and put into suitcases, the prosecution claimed they were shot at least once and twice respectively.

Attorneys for the landlord argued that he was incapable of committing the crime.

“It’s hard, really hard, to look at Dudley. I can’t imagine what he’s done to them,” Lewis’ aunt, Gina Jaschke, said.