Landlord allegedly kills girlfriend, tenants over rent dispute

QUEENS, NY – A grim discovery was made in Queens on Tuesday as a landlord, aged 54, is suspected to have fatally stabbed his girlfriend and two of his tenants. The incident unfolded in a house on Milburn Street. Police arrived at the scene around 7:15 a.m., to find three victims: a woman and two men, all pronounced dead due to presumed stab wounds.

The underlying issue leading to the homicide is believed to be a rent dispute between the landlord and his tenants, which has been ongoing since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities discovered the tenants’ bodies in a basement bedroom, while the girlfriend was found upstairs. After the incident, the landlord turned himself in to the 113th precinct and is currently in custody. His chilling confession was captured on a police body camera, as he expressed having “issues with his tenants”.

NYPD Assistant Chief Kevin Williams disclosed that the man admitted to the crime, with a noticeable lack of emotion. Charges of murder are expected to be filed against him by high-ranking police officials.

Further investigation affirmed that only adults were present in the well-maintained, single-family home, and no children were involved. The landlord and tenants were described as quiet and reserved by local residents.

The victims’ identification process is in progress, and formal charges against the slighted landlord are imminent.