Hiking fall claims the life of Utah teenager

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 17-year-old Utah girl, Zoe Afton McKinney, lost her life in a fall while hiking at Kane Creek Canyon on Friday afternoon. The Moab City Police Department reported that the teenager was hiking the Moab Rim Trail in eastern Utah with a group of her friends when she slipped and fell off a sheer cliff face. Her friends quickly called 911, but due to the dangerous terrain, were unable to reach her safely. Police, along with other law enforcement units, were able to access the site and found the victim deceased from the fall.

The Grand County School District, where McKinney was a student, issued a statement expressing their grief and offered support to the family. McKinney’s boyfriend, Lloyd Gist, spoke fondly of her, remembering her as someone with a bright smile, who was always willing to help others. Gist and McKinney had plans to start living together after high school graduation this summer, and McKinney had aspirations of becoming an EMT.

The sudden loss of McKinney has left a profound impact on her loved ones and her school community. She will be remembered as a remarkable student, who was small in stature but never let that stop her from pursuing her passions and helping others.