Grandfather Dies After Dog Leash Gets Caught in Closing Metro Door

A grandfather in Northern Virginia died on Wednesday after his dog leash became caught in a closing Metro door and he was dragged onto the tracks. Harold Riley, 50, was hospitalized with severe injuries but later died. The incident occurred as Riley and his dog, Daisy, were exiting the train, and the dog remained inside the train car as the door closed.

Riley’s dog leash was tied to him, and he was unable to free himself, leading to his death. Riley is survived by two daughters and four grandchildren. Police took the dog into custody soon after the accident, but Riley’s daughter retrieved her shortly thereafter and found a family to adopt her.

Pets are not allowed on Metro transit lines unless they are service animals. Transit Police initially stated that Daisy did not appear to be a service dog, but Riley’s daughter claimed that the dog was wearing its service vest at the time of the accident.