Fugitive with fake alias and family captured after 17 years on the run

Antran Hall, who had been evading authorities for 17 years, was arrested in Detroit on Monday. His family was unaware of his true identity and only knew him by a fake name. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office commended the dedication and teamwork of the agencies involved in capturing one of their “Most Wanted” fugitives. U.S. Marshal Chrissie Latimore expressed satisfaction with the successful outcome.

Hall’s arrest was the result of months of investigative work. Earlier this year, law enforcement received information suggesting that Hall may have been using an alias in Detroit. This prompted a thorough investigation, ultimately leading to his capture. Hall had been on the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office’s “most wanted” list due to his failure to appear on warrants on two separate occasions.

Antran Hall is currently held at the Wayne County Detention Center in Michigan, awaiting extradition to South Carolina. This arrest demonstrates the determination and collaboration of law enforcement agencies in bringing fugitives to justice, even after years of evasion.