Fugitive and former staffer to Maryland governor killed in FBI standoff

Roy McGrath, the two-term Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s former chief of staff, was declared deceased by his attorney Joseph Murtha after a turbulent standoff with the FBI on Monday evening.

Authorities have yet to officially verify the death, yet they have announced that McGrath was wounded during the arrest, and thus sent to receive medical attention in a hospital.

For weeks before this event, McGrath was wanted by the FBI and federal law enforcement personnel after he neglected to show up for his legal trial in Baltimore, Maryland, on the date of March 13th. It was shortly after his omittance that the US District Court for the District of Maryland gave out a federal arrest warrant.

The FBI acquired a hint that McGrath was in Knoxville, Tennessee, and proceeded to apprehend him. As tensions heightened during the confrontation, at least one FBI agent pulled the trigger of their firearm, leaving McGrath hurt. Details remain shadowy as to whether he was injured from the shots made by the police or himself.

McGrath was accused of wire fraud, bribery relating to programs receiving federal funds, alongside the destruction, alteration, and falsification of records linked to a federal investigation.

Governor Hogan gave out an official statement wherein he expressed remorse and designated his support of the FBI’s investigation.

Presently, the FBI continue to review the agent-involved shooting as the case is still in its process of being looked into.