Former NFL Player Jailed After Attacking His Son and Son’s Boyfriend

Former NFL player and sports radio personality Joe Staysniak was arrested in Hendricks County, Indiana, on multiple charges related to a domestic incident involving his son and his son’s boyfriend.

Law enforcement was called to the scene on Monday for a “delayed domestic” incident, and Staysniak was arrested the following morning on charges including battery, pointing a firearm, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Staysniak’s son, Lucas, was sitting in a parked car on the property when his father tried to open the door. After his father eventually gained entry, Lucas claims that his father began assaulting him and the passenger.

Lucas stated that his father choked the passenger and punched both him and the passenger, causing Lucas’s lip to bleed. Staysniak then allegedly displayed a firearm and told them they were lucky he knew who they were.

In contrast, Staysniak told police that he had engaged in an altercation with his son after receiving a call from a neighbor about a suspicious car on their property. He claimed that his son attempted to attack him, which led him to physically restrain him. According to Staysniak, his wife separated the two during the altercation.

The passenger corroborated Lucas’s account and told police that Staysniak had pulled out a gun and held it against his face at one point during the incident. Staysniak admitted to showing the gun during the altercation but denied pointing it or touching anyone with it.