Florida man charged with attempted murder after beating his cheating wife’s lover

A Florida man is now facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly attacking another man he found in bed with his wife. The incident took place in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, and resulted in a bloody confrontation that left the victim seriously injured. The husband, identified as John Dimmig, 33, burst into the victim’s Airbnb rental and assaulted him with an aluminum bat. The shocking incident has led to Dimmig’s arrest and impending court appearance.

Responding to a 911 call, deputies arrived at the Lake Worth Beach residence to find the living room splattered with blood. The trail of red led them to the bedroom, where the victim was lying on his back, holding a towel to his head. According to an arrest report, the victim, a CT technician from Arizona, explained that he and Dimmig’s wife were coworkers who had gone out for drinks after work. They returned to the Airbnb, where they were caught off guard by Dimmig’s sudden arrival.

The victim recounted the terrifying moment when he heard the front door open and saw Dimmig charging towards him with a bat in hand. Dimmig allegedly pinned him down and struck him three times with the metal club. Dimmig, in a fit of rage, warned the man to stay away from his wife. It was only when his wife intervened and pleaded with him to stop that Dimmig finally relented and fled the scene. The victim told responding officers how he feared for his life during the attack.

Authorities later located Dimmig at his home, where he was seen loading his Hyundai Accent with bags of clothes. A subsequent search warrant, signed by Dimmig’s wife, led to the discovery of a black bat and bloodied garments. Despite denying the assault, Dimmig was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court on July 17th.