Five dead, including two kids, in deadly collision between freight train and an SUV

PLANT CITY, FL – A tragic accident involving an SUV and a train in Plant City, Florida, resulted in the death of five people, including two children, on Saturday night. Two other individuals are currently receiving treatment in a hospital. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reported that the incident occurred around 7 p.m. at the intersection of US-92 and Jim Lefler Circle.

Sheriff Chad Chronister described the scene as horrific, comparing the mangled SUV to a crushed soda can. The initial emergency call was made from an iPhone equipped with crash detection technology. Upon arrival, deputies and first responders utilized the jaws of life to rescue the driver and front passenger from the wreckage. Both individuals were transported to a local hospital, where they are listed in serious and critical condition.

The remaining five passengers were violently thrown from the vehicle during the collision and were pronounced dead at the scene. A witness at the scene reportedly attempted to warn the driver not to cross the tracks by honking his horn. However, video footage shows the SUV being launched into the air and flipping multiple times before landing a significant distance from the crossing, which was only marked by a stop sign.

Sheriff Chronister expressed his condolences toward the family members of the deceased. He requested prayers for the first responders and deputies who had to sift through the wreckage, as well as for the families of the victims.

The cause of the deadly accident is still under investigation, with detectives working to identify all seven individuals involved in the crash. Preliminary reports suggest that the victims were local residents en route to a quinceañera, a traditional 15th birthday celebration, located just across the railroad tracks.