Fitness model stabs roommate with knife in a fit of rage

A fitness model was sentenced Tuesday to eight years behind bars for stabbing his roommate more than a dozen times. The stabbing took place in a fit of rage in 2018.

Almost four years ago, Geoffrey Tracy, 30, attacked Gregory Kanczes with a knife in his apartment kitchen, leaving him covered in blood. After accusing Kanczes of going through his belongings, the bodybuilder allegedly attacked the victim 16 times with a knife.

A portion of the incident was recorded on Tracy’s cellphone, which was brought into court as evidence.

During Tracy’s sentencing, Justice Curtis Farber cited the footage from the Aug. 14, 2018 crime, saying he was disturbed to see a recording of “a man literally being assaulted by Mr. Tracy.”

The judge continued by saying, “the video speaks for itself. It captures exactly what happened in all its horror. It had an unarmed man in his underwear being pursued at knife point out of his house.”

Defense argued that five years incarceration was sufficient, while prosecutors sought 10 years in state prison and five years of supervised release.

Tracy was ultimately sentenced to eight years on the assault conviction and four years on the attempted assault conviction.