FBI Manhunt For Man Suspected Of Killing 11-Month-Old Baby

The New Haven FBI Field Office is working around the clock with its partners on the search for Christopher Francisquini, who is suspected of killing his 11-month-old daughter.

Following the discovery of Francisquini’s abandoned vehicle along Interstate-91 near New Haven, surveillance cameras captured him walking along a street on Nov. 18.

Camilla Francisquini, 11 months, had been found dismembered by investigators and first responders hours earlier when they entered Francisquini’s home in Naugatuck.

There is no clear motive for the alleged homicide, and the FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Francisquini’s arrest.

During the investigation of the alleged murder, McAllister said Francisquini was out on special parole and had removed a GPS tracking device ordered by the court. He also described Francisquini as “well-known to law enforcement with an extensive criminal history.”

In addition to murder with special circumstances, the fugitive faces charges of endangering a minor.

“There has been a history of violence committed by him, and he has posed a danger to the public in the past,” McAllister said.

Medical examiners have determined Camilla’s death was caused by neck compressions and stabbings.

Among the agencies assisting in Francisquini’s manhunt are the Connecticut State Police and FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force.