Father shoots intruder who accosted daughter

On Father’s Day in North Carolina, a dad took action to protect his family when a stranger posed a threat to his 11-year-old daughter, resulting in a fatal shooting.

A breaking and entering report brought police to the home at around 9 p.m. tuesday night. The suspect had entered the backyard where the children were playing before accosting the 11-year-old daughter, who ran into the house and alerted her parents.

The intruder then aggressively yanked the house’s back door, inspiring the father to shoot in self-defense.

While the identity of the suspect remains unknown, he is reportedly 23-years-old. Wilson’s Mills Chief of Police, A.Z. Williams, stated that the family had no prior association with the intruder and that this was the first significant incident of violence in the town in five years.

The investigations are being handled by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office alongside the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office.

Police have ruled the shooting a case of self-defense.