Family found dead in mansion

DOVER, MA – Tragic evidence of an apparent instance of domestic violence was uncovered when three family members were discovered dead at their residence in Dover, Massachusetts. Teena Kamal, 54; Arianna Kamal, an 18-year-old Middlebury College student; and Rakesh Kamal, 57, were found deceased on Wilson’s Way, as announced at a press conference given by Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

While officials ceased short of labeling the incident as a murder-suicide, they did disclose that the examination by the medical examiner’s office is ongoing to ascertain the cause and context of the deaths. Nevertheless, a firearm was reportedly found close to Rakesh Kamal’s remains, suggesting a potential lead.

Despite uncertainties about the specifics of the incident, Morrissey was emphatic that the deaths bear the tragic hallmarks of domestic violence. Acknowledging this, he provided details for a domestic violence hotline available to Massachusetts residents. However, he assured local citizens of their safety stating that this was an isolated event restricted to the Kamal residence.

Authorities were first alerted to the grisly scene when a familial associate relayed concerns about the Kamals to Dover police via a 911 call made at 7:24 PM on Thursday. The referral came in after they had noticed the family had been unexpectedly quiet for at least a day. Local law enforcement arrived at the Wilson’s Way home around 7:30 PM to discover a scene of horror, prompting backup from state police.

Morrissey expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and reassured the public that they should continue to feel safe, noting that this is only the second death investigation in Dover since his tenure began in 2020.