Explosion in Acapulco injures nine people

ACAPULCO, MEXICO – An explosion rocked the main square of Acapulco, a popular Pacific coast resort city, late Sunday, injuring nine people, including a baby who remains in critical condition, officials said Monday.

Authorities in Guerrero state have not yet determined the cause of the blast, though the presence of burns on some victims suggests the involvement of a flammable device. The incident occurred in a bustling area known for its restaurants, frequented by both locals and tourists.

The state government has assured the public that they are providing care for both residents and visitors affected by the explosion. The square, a central hub in Acapulco, is a significant attraction, making the incident particularly alarming.

Acapulco has been grappling with violence for years, a situation exacerbated by the devastation of Category 5 Hurricane Otis in October. The hurricane left a trail of destruction, killing at least 52 people and severely damaging the city’s infrastructure, including hotels.

In recent months, the city has witnessed a series of violent incidents. In late May, authorities discovered the bodies of four men and two women, all strangled and dumped in a pile with their hands bound. Just a week earlier, five dismembered bodies were found scattered on a street, one of whom was a candidate for a town council seat in nearby Coyuca de Benítez.

While Acapulco is no stranger to violence, attacks in public spaces like town squares are still relatively rare. The explosion marks a troubling escalation in the city’s ongoing struggle with crime and violence.

As investigations continue, the community remains on edge, hoping for swift justice and a return to normalcy in this once-thriving tourist destination.