Ex-employee goes on mass shooting spree leaving 2 dead, 3 injured

CHESTER, PA – A former employee at a linen company in Chester, Pennsylvania, went on a shooting spree on Wednesday, resulting in the death of two of his colleagues and injuries to three others.

Delaware County Linen was the site of the incident which occurred around 8:30 a.m. The shooter, whose identity remains undisclosed, attempted to flee from the scene but was apprehended by authorities soon after during a traffic stop. A motive behind the shooting has yet to be identified.

Chester Mayor Stefan Roots referred to the episode as a reflection of the state of gun violence in America. He also highlighted Chester’s recent record of reduced violent crime. The mayor urged Pennsylvania lawmakers to confront the gun violence issue, particularly as it pertains to those struggling with mental health issues.

Mayor Roots expressed his concerns about allowing people with potential mental health issues access to guns. He emphasized the need to address such concerns following the shocking attack by an employee on his colleagues.

The victims of the shooting are currently hospitalized, and at least one of them remains in critical condition.

The linen company has been part of the local community for over three decades. Some employees lived close enough to the location to walk to work on a daily basis. Many workers who were present during the shooting congregated on church steps across the linen company following the spread of police barriers. Visible signs of injury were visible on at least one worker.

This incident has left local residents in shock, as incidents such as these are quite rare in the relatively quiet and peaceful community.