Ex-cop indicted for allegedly murdering pregnant girlfriend and covering it up

David McCoy, a former police officer from Huntsville, Alabama, has been indicted by a grand jury for three counts of capital murder. He received this indictment in connection with the deaths of his pregnant girlfriend, Courtney Spraggins, and her unborn child in January 2022.

On January 7, 2022, investigators claim that McCoy shot Spraggins in the head while they were both inside of a parked vehicle. McCoy reported the shooting to 911 and told investigators Spraggins had committed suicide while off-duty.

Family members revealed to local media that McCoy and Spraggins were in a relationship, and Spraggins was seven months pregnant with McCoy’s child.

Authorities found gunshot residue on McCoy and discovered a pistol, not his service weapon, and Spraggins’ locked phone hidden in a closet in his apartment. According to reports, McCoy changed his clothes before officers arrived. He also contacted the Huntsville Police Department’s non-emergency line to ask if there were any shooting reports in the area.

The Huntsville Police Department placed McCoy on administrative leave after the shooting. The motive behind the alleged violence remains unclear.

According to reports, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. It is currently unknown if McCoy has secured legal representation to speak on his behalf.

McCoy is scheduled to return to court on April 4.