Scary doorbell footage shows elderly woman disappearing into the ground

In a shocking moment captured by a doorbell camera, an elderly woman in Suffolk County, New York, fell into a deep sinkhole while leaving her home in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Luz Bedoya, age 71, was identified by WNBC as the victim.

In the footage, Bedoya is seen exiting her West 10th Street home in Huntington Station just after 6am, then suddenly dropping out of view. The elderly woman fell into a deep sinkhole, measuring about 6 feet in both width and depth.

She later reported that she had screamed for help in the darkness, but no one had come to her aid. Two other individuals, both 60 years old, attempted to help her but ended up falling into the same sinkhole.

One officer managed to rescue one of the people from the hole while another police officer provided a ladder for the two other victims to climb out.

Benjamin Orengo, a neighbor, offered an extension cord to aid the individuals who were stuck in mud up to their knees. He said they were really scared and he advised them not to move.

Bedoya and one other victim were brought to Huntington Hospital for assessment while the third person was unharmed. The Town of Huntington Building Inspector was called to the scene to investigate the cause of the hole.

Officials speculate that a water pipe connection, in conjunction with the heavy rain, may have been the cause.