Disneyland employee dies after getting thrown off golf cart

ANAHEIM, CA – A Disneyland employee, Bonnye Mavis Lear, tragically succumbed to deadly injuries after getting thrown off an allegedly malfunctioning golf cart because of reckless driving at Disneyland, California. The incident, which took place on Wednesday, witnessed Lear sustain catastrophic head injuries and caused her death on Friday.

The authorities have been vague about the accident’s specifics, terming it as a traffic collision. However, Lear’s co-workers provided some insight. According to them, Lear was tossed out of the cart when the driver encountered a road bump while recklessly navigating at the back of Critter County, a current park’s off-limit region.

Rae Delgado, a cast member who works for the Disney California Adventure attractions, shared a shocking account on Facebook. The rear-facing golf cart Lear was sitting in was put into motion at 20 mph. Lear was flung from the vehicle when it jerked suddenly. Delgado also mentioned that it is unclear whether Lear’s fellow passengers realized that she had fallen.

Lear’s head injuries were extremely critical- she experienced a major brain injury causing skull fractures that were substantially irreparable by surgical intervention. Disturbingly, Disneyland’s resort managers reportedly instructed their cast members to withhold facts about Lear’s fatal accident.

Delgado further revealed that the Entertainment Department’s golf cart was newly procured, raising concerns about its malfunctioning nature. She expressed her sorrow and anger over Lear’s preventable accident, which could have been avoided if the golf cart hadn’t been driven irresponsibly.

Disneyland has not responded to the allegations leveled against them. Lear has been a Disneyland employee for 24 years, delivering her recent services in membership support in Club 33. The Club is a premium dining place meant for privileged members, ensuring an escape from the park’s teeming crowds.

Disneyland Resort’s President, Ken Potrock, offered his heartfelt condolences on Lear’s shocking demise. He promised Lear’s family and the Disneyland cast members support through this challenging period and pledged to provide necessary resources. Anaheim law enforcement is still investigating the case.