Crazed U-Haul driver plows through crowd shouting, ‘Shoot me- I’m not stopping’

In a harrowing event that took place on Monday, a man drove a U-Haul truck into at least eight individuals, including a police officer. The incident appeared to be a deliberate “violent rampage” according to the authorities.

The suspected driver, 62-year-old Weng Sor, was reported to have a history of mental illness. However, he had no prior arrests.

The incident began around 11 a.m. when Sor hit a moped rider near Fifth Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway in Bay Ridge and sped away as the police followed.

He then proceeded to hit seven other individuals at six other locations as he headed north from Bay Ridge into Sunset Park. While he was en route, he was stopped in Red Hook.

Surveillance footage shows the collision between the U-haul and the moped that he initially hit. After the collision, the truck jumped the curb and plowed through several bikes. In the footage, a pedestrian dives out of the U-Haul driver’s path to avoid being hit.

Sources claim that Weng Sor was shouting “Shoot me. I’m not stopping” at the police who attempted to pull him over. He was finally taken into custody after a 30-minute high-speed chase.

Sor allegedly expressed his desire to die after being arrested. The FDNY reported that two of the victims were in critical condition, two were in serious condition, and four suffered from minor injuries.