College student stabbed in the neck in random attack

VANCOUVER, WA – A woman was savagely attacked on the campus of Clark College Wednesday. As she sat outside the Archer Gallery, a depraved criminal assaulted her, stabbing her in the neck. Following the incident, the attacker sped away from the scene, as released by the Vancouver Police Department.

The surprising violence occurred when the woman was confronted by the unknown male, who she initially thought had punched her. A glance at the blood staining her clothes revealed the grim reality- she had been stabbed. After being transported to a nearby hospital, her wounds were thankfully deemed non-life threatening.

According to evidence gathered by the police, the suspect was seen wearing brown trousers, an untucked light-blue shirt, and a green baseball cap, fleeing hastily from the crime scene. Moreover, this case has striking similarities with an earlier incident on campus.

On Monday, a woman in her car was approached by a man who matched the police’s description of the attacker. The suspect attempted to converse with her, then tried to force his way into her vehicle. Fortunately, the woman was able to deter the intruder by screaming, causing him to take flight.

The suspect is believed to be a medium-built man in his early thirties to forties with a beard. He is speculated to be of East Asian or Middle Eastern descent. Anyone with information that could aid the investigation is urged to contact the Vancouver Police department.