College student found dead on the road after leaving a house party

In a shocking incident in Southfield, Michigan, a 23-year-old veterinary student met a tragic end. Mia Kanu, originally from Michigan and a senior at Tennessee State University, was found injured on a local road early on June 3rd. Her remains were found shortly after attending a house party with her friends.

Police are treating the case as a homicide. They say that surveillance footage shows Mia exiting a car, but it’s unclear whether she fell or was forced out.

After being discovered, Mia was rushed to Ascension Providence Hospital in Southfield. Despite doctors’ efforts, she sadly passed away two days later, on June 5th. However, because she was an organ donor, she remained on life support for three more days.

In the mysterious footage, Mia is seen with two other people in the car. Both of those people are now working with the police. Deputy Police Chief Jeff Jagielski shared that there had been an argument between the driver and another person at an apartment complex from which they had departed, though he gave no further details.

Southfield police are unsure about how Mia came to be on the road and the exact circumstances of her death. There were no obvious signs of physical harm to suggest an assault, and there’s no evidence that another vehicle hit her. However, the autopsy did reveal significant trauma to her head.

Mia’s mother, Bianca Vanmeter, is desperately seeking answers about her daughter’s sudden and unexplained death. She questions why those who were with her daughter did not seek help or return to assist her.