Chipotle worker gets shot by customer

SOUTHFIELD, MI – On a Friday night, a Chipotle restaurant in Michigan became an unfortunate stage for a trivial argument escalating to a shooting. The confrontation, which allegedly arose over a dispute about guacamole, ended with an employee shot in the leg.

According to an eyewitness, the disagreement transpired between a customer and an employee at a southside Chipotle in Evergreen Road near Civic Center Drive around 7 p.m. This tension provoked the customer to cross around the counter and attempt to bag his food when the employee momentarily retreated to the back of the restaurant.

The dispute then escalated and culminated in the firing of a gunshot as expressed by a witness. The witness stated, “Then the employee came back, and they started fighting, and then we heard a gunshot and just ran out as quickly as we could.”

Southfield police confirmed the shooting injury of the restaurant employee but did not validate whether the disagreement pertained to guacamole.

Witnesses disclosed a chilling account of the suspected gunman casually leaving the establishment post-shooting. He didn’t hurry or show signs of panic, which struck them as unusual.

Upon their arrival, the police provided immediate medical aid to the victim, who was swiftly transferred to a hospital and declared to be in stable condition.

The suspect, a 33-year-old man from Detroit, was apprehended near the restaurant, and the firearm used in the shooting was recovered by the police. The circumstances leading to the incident are still under investigation.