Chicago dad threatened at gunpoint by masked robbers in front of his home

Victor Galena Sr. found himself face-to-face with masked attackers outside of his Chicago home as he was preparing to leave for work around 6 a.m.

As he and two associates counted their money for purchasing construction tools, the assailants threatened them at gunpoint.

Victor Galena Sr. instinctively positioned himself at the doorway of his home, ready to shield his family sleeping within, from the armed robbers. He was determined to protect his wife, five children, sister, and nephews who were all inside.

His son, Victor Galena Jr., hailed his father’s actions, emphasizing how his father’s instincts, though he dismissed himself as a hero, had potentially averted a more dangerous situation.

Chicago Police have linked these perpetrators to a growing list of similar offenses targeting citizens at their homes. These acts appear to target residents as they set off for or return from work. In addition to the Hermosa incident, these unidentified culprits have been implicated in at least 10 other robberies and as many as 36 carjackings.

These alarming events come amid a surge of violent incidents in the city, including numerous shootings that occurred over Memorial Day weekend, leading to nine deaths and more than 40 injuries.