Burglar shot dead by store owner after allegedly digging a tunnel into the shop

An Albuquerque store owner has fatally shot an intruder who had allegedly dug a tunnel through the wall of his business. The owner, who chose to remain anonymous, reported that he had been sleeping in his smoke shop located in the International District when the incident occurred early Saturday morning.

The shopkeeper was awakened around 3 a.m. by a scratching sound coming from the wall. Approximately an hour later, a man brandishing a large hammer and what appeared to be an ax broke through the wall.

In response, the owner grabbed his firearm and ordered the intruder to leave. However, the trespasser allegedly advanced toward him, prompting the store owner to fire in self-defense and subsequently call the police.

By the time that the authorities reached the scene, the intruder had succumbed to his injuries. Authorities are currently treating the case as a justifiable homicide and conducting further investigations.

The store owner revealed that he had started sleeping on the premises after his shop had been targeted in two previous break-in attempts before it was officially open for business. He had also been concerned about a large hole in the wall, which was big enough for a person to crawl through.

Following the recent incident, the owner stated that he would repair the hole and install surveillance cameras to enhance security at the store.