Building fire kills 41 workers

MANGAF, KUWAIT – A devastating fire that erupted early Wednesday in a residential building for workers in Mangaf, southern Kuwait, has claimed the lives of at least 41 people, according to Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah.

During a visit to the scene, Sheikh Fahad attributed the tragedy to the negligence and greed of real estate owners. “The greed of real estate owners is what leads to these matters,” he stated, emphasizing the need for stricter regulations and enforcement.

The blaze was reported to authorities at approximately 6:00 a.m. local time, Major General Eid Rashed Hamad confirmed. First responders arrived swiftly, but the fire had already caused significant casualties due to smoke inhalation.

“The building was densely populated with workers,” a senior police commander disclosed to state television. “Dozens were rescued, but unfortunately, many succumbed to the smoke.”

Authorities have long warned against overcrowding in worker accommodations. “We always alert and warn against cramming too many workers into housing accommodation,” the commander added, highlighting the ongoing issue without specifying the workers’ employment type or origin.

Firefighters managed to contain the fire, and an investigation into its cause is currently underway, officials reported.