Bloody fight leaves man stabbed to death in the middle of NYC street

A man was fatally wounded during a fierce altercation in broad daylight at a busy Chelsea intersection. The incident unfolded while unfazed New Yorkers walked by, barely reacting to the unfolding chaos, as shown in a video capturing the event.

The confrontation erupted shortly before 8:15 a.m. at the bustling junction of West 30th Street and Seventh Avenue. Two men faced each other, exchanging heavy blows while bystanders, including a woman seemingly unconcerned by the fight, continued their morning routines.

A woman, appearing to be a nurse, intervened. She was seen chastising the brawlers while a visibly larger participant held a knife. A local laundry worker, Mr. Lee, reported that she had tried to defuse the situation, urging the men not to fight.

Despite her efforts, a shirtless 36-year-old man was found gravely injured in the crosswalk. Law enforcement officers were frantically trying to save his life.

He was quickly transported to Bellevue Hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. The man’s identity remains undisclosed, awaiting family notification.

The alleged perpetrator, Nisean Graves, was promptly detained and charged with murder on Friday afternoon. During his apprehension, Graves, clad in a white Tyvek jumpsuit, remained silent as officers escorted him from the Midtown South Precinct to an unmarked NYPD vehicle.

Graves, a 34-year-old homeless man, had a criminal past, which included a stabbing incident in Lower Manhattan in May 2021. After pleading guilty to a third-degree assault charge, he was sentenced to a year in jail. Furthermore, he is a registered sex offender who had previously served nine years for attempted rape and was released in January 2019.

The motive behind the fatal conflict remains undetermined. Local workers who witnessed the incident expressed their shock, describing the event as ‘terrible.’ Gil, a 58-year-old Chelsea building worker, recalled seeing the unarmed man bravely stand his ground against the knife-wielding attacker.

Another witness, a laundromat worker, grimly described the scene as the victim fell in the street, with blood pooling around him. A detective later confirmed to Mr. Lee that the man had died before reaching the hospital.