Bike Shop Owner Kills His Employee in Devastating Murder-Suicide

Former BMX racer and bike shop owner, Wesley Don-Johle, fatally shot his employee, James Kincheloe, before killing himself, according to the Garland, Texas police.

Kincheloe, a father of two, was discovered dead on February 16 in the break room at Don Johle’s Bike World. The motive for the shooting is unclear and is still being investigated by the authorities.

Don-Johle’s Rowlett home was searched by the Garland SWAT unit, where they found him dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Video surveillance from Don Johle’s Bike World and the surrounding businesses showed that both men were in the store on the day before the shooting. However, only Don-Johle left at the end of the day, while Kincheloe’s whereabouts are unknown.

According to the police, there was some discord between Kincheloe and Don-Johle, but the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. Daisy McKee, Kincheloe’s wife, said that Kincheloe appeared to be trying to wrestle the gun away from Don-Johle to stop the attack before he was shot.

Don-Johle was a well-known BMX rider and an inductee in the Texas BMX Hall of Fame. Kincheloe was an avid BMX bike rider who rode his bike to work and was described as a family man who loved to ride with his children.