Bartender Shares Photos of Severed Ear After it Was Bitten Off by Drunk Pub Goer

Michelle Thomas, 37, has shared shocking images of her injuries after she had her ear bitten off by an intoxicated pubgoer.

Thomas, who was off-duty as landlady at The Firemans Arms in Birkenhead, got into a scuffle with Gemma Rowlands, 25, who ended up biting off part of Thomas’ ear lobe.

Rowlands has admitted to the assault which took place on November 11, 2019 and was jailed for 14 months. Her husband, Darren More, 31, was handed a suspended sentence for his part in the brawl. Thomas said the incident left her “traumatised” and permanently disfigured.

Thomas decided against surgery to reconstruct her ear due to the cost, and instead was given a prosthetic one.

However, it didn’t match the color of her ear and made her feel paranoid. Despite being offered another surgery, she declined it due to its high level of invasiveness.

Rowlands has admitted wounding, and during the court hearing, More vomited as the details of his wife’s crime were read out.

Thomas shared photos of the gruesome injury with a large chunk of her ear lobe completely missing and painful scarring around her stitched-up ear.