Assault on Halloween night leads to arrest

SEVERN, MD – A Maryland resident was apprehended by authorities after he was alleged to have attacked a child and her mother during Halloween festivities. The accused, Cedrick Paines, 66, is said to have bitten the young girl’s ear and chased her back to her house when she tried to escape.

Local sources indicate that Paines tried to gain entry into the girl’s residence. The mother of the girl intervened, pushing Paines away. Paines reportedly retaliated by drawing a handgun and pulling the trigger, although the gun failed to fire.

Paines has been slapped with several charges, including first-degree assault and weapons violations, as per the Anne Arundel County police.

Local station WBAL reports that Paines was interrogated and subsequently taken into custody at his residence.

Documents related to the charges reveal that Paines denied any physical contact with the girl’s ear, but conceded that he had come close to it. He explained his actions to the officers by stating that he often playfully pretends to bite his grandchildren’s fingers.

The incident unfolded on Dunfield Court in Severn, Maryland. When asked about his possession of firearms, Paines guided the officers to his home and showed them his collection. The Maryland Gun Center confirms that Paines is legally entitled to own firearms and ammunition.

A search warrant executed at Paines’ residence resulted in the confiscation of two handguns, a shotgun, and a .22 caliber rifle.

Paines, in a conversation with local TV station WJZ, denied all allegations, insisting that he was merely trying to share a secret with the girl.

The incident has left the local community reeling, with residents like Tionna Dennis expressing their shock and concern over the safety of children during Halloween.