A plane carrying three passengers crashed in Nashville

FRANKLIN, TN – A light aircraft carrying three individuals crashed in Tennessee on Wednesday, according to official sources. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed that the plane involved was a single-engine Beechcraft V35. The unfortunate incident occurred in Franklin around midday.

The crash site is in Williamson County, roughly 20 miles south of the city of Nashville. Local law enforcement, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, is actively involved in the search for crash survivors.

The Sheriff’s Office has worked tirelessly since the incident was reported, hoping to find survivors. The crash has attracted the attention of not only local law enforcement but also national agencies.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the FAA, and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the crash. Their collective efforts aim to determine the cause of the crash and prevent similar incidents in the future.