A mother and three children were shot and their house burned

MADISON, IN – A horrifying scene unfolded in a quiet corner of southeastern Indiana on Tuesday. A mother and her three young children were found lifeless in their burning home, each bearing gunshot wounds, as revealed by law enforcement officials.

The victims, identified as Naomi Briner, 35, and her children, Adelia, 12, Leland, 8, and Iyla, 6, were discovered by firefighters who responded to the inferno around 4 p.m. The family’s home, nestled on the 1600 block of East Telegraph Hill Road just outside Madison, was already consumed by flames when emergency services arrived.

Upon entering the residence, firefighters found the bodies of the four victims. Despite their best efforts, all four individuals were declared dead at the scene. After the fire was put out, investigators were called to the site, as announced by Sgt. Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police on social media.

Photographs from the scene painted a devastating picture – a home reduced to ashes, a burnt vehicle in the driveway, and Christmas lights, a stark reminder of joyous times, strung across the yard.

Late into the night on Tuesday, Wheeles confirmed the identities of the victims and the chilling fact that each had suffered gunshot wounds. He refrained from divulging further details about the shooting or any potential suspects.

Wheeles reassured the public that the investigation is ongoing but there is no immediate threat to the community. He stated that the Indiana State Police are collaborating with various local agencies, including the Indiana Fire Marshal’s Office, Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office, Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, to ensure a comprehensive investigation.